Q: How did my child get on the invitation list?

A: Nominations for cotillion are received from many sources and names are many times received from the parents of former students. Any parent may request an invitation contacting the cotillion or a Parent Advisor.

The names and addresses of students are used for invitations, parent mailings and emails related to classes. They are never shared.

Q: Will my child be in classes with his/her friends?

A: Students are placed in classes with students from their school and grade or from the school parents designate on the registration card. If you prefer that your child is placed in a specific group, please let us know.

Q: What if I have a 7th or 8th grader who has not attended cotillion classes before—will they be behind if they attend?

A:Classes are formatted so that students who did not attend Cotillion 6th grade can still join their classmates in 7th or 8th grade. The curriculum is new even to students who attended cotillion in 6th grade, though we do review the basics over the course of the season. The dance component is also different so everyone starts from the same place.

The sixth grade program is very important in developing self-confidence in young ladies and gentlemen at this age. The 7th-8th grade program continues developing self-confidence with more in-depth and age appropriate topics.


Q: Can 5th graders attend Cotillion?

A: The Manners for Life Cotillion programs have been developed for middle school students. The 5th grade program is not considered part of the cotillion program.

We do offer a 5th grade program, “got manners?”, teaching social skills appropriate for this age group. Line dances are offered and the program concludes with a themed finale party.

Q: If I received an invitation, am I guaranteed a place in a class?

A: Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis, with the same number of ladies and gentlemen accepted in each class. If you are placed on a waiting list due to an imbalance of girls and boys, you will move off the waiting list when a student of the opposite sex registers or if you are responsible for the registration of a student of the opposite sex not already registered.

Q: How can I get an invitation for a friend who wants to attend?

A: Manners for Life Cotillions are open to anyone who is interested in social skills instruction for their children. We are happy to send invitations provided we have the parent’s name and address and the child’s name.  Interested parents can contact us via phone or email for more information. On-line registration is also available.

Q: My child is very busy with school work and extra curricular activities.  How much time is involved?

A: Sixth grade Cotillion meets 5 times for classes (one class is a Sock Hop).  Each class is 1 1/2 hours long, and concludes with a formal dance that lasts approximately 2 hours.  Mothers of sons and Fathers of daughters are invited to have a special dance at the end of the finale.

Seventh and Eighth Graders have 4 classes and a Theatre/Dining Event at the Alhambra.  A formal Dinner-Dance in early February is their finale event.
Both groups meet monthly beginning in September conclude in early February.