Class Schedules

Between rigorous academic programs and a full schedule of other activities, the time is just not always available for sitting around the dinner table where manners were once taught—and practiced. And while sports, the arts and academics are all important to a child’s development, good social skills contribute to self-confidence and esteem and are needed every single day.

Manners for Life teaches manners and social dance and provides a setting where middle school students can practice and reinforce these skills with their peers in a safe, fun environment. When the time comes, your child will be ready!

Manners For Life builds confidence and helps students become comfortable inthe group events that are common in middle school. Students learn social skills, manners and social dance with their classmates and other students of their own age, grade and/or school.

Sixth Grade Schedule—San Jose

San Jose Country Club

  • Sunday, 9/17
  • Sunday, 10/15
  • Sunday, 11/12 SOCK HOP at UNF
  • Sunday, 12/3
  • Sunday, 1/14 /18
  • Saturday Evening 2/3/18 BLACK AND WHITE BALL at UNF

Sixth Grade Schedule—Beaches

Marsh Landing Country Club

  • Thursday, 9/14
  • Thursday, 10/12
  • Sunday, 11/12  SOCK HOP at UNF
  • Thursday, 11/30
  • Thursday, 1/11 /18
  • Saturday Evening 2/3/18 FORMAL BLACK AND WHITE BALL at UNF

Seventh-Eighth Grade Schedules

San Jose Country Club unless otherwise noted

  • Friday, 9/15 San Jose Country Club
  • Saturday, 10/14 San Jose Country Club
  • Saturday  11/11  ALHAMBRA THEATER
  • Saturday, 12/2 Monarch Ballroom
  • Saturday, 1/13 /18 San Jose Country Club Golf Course
  • Friday Evening 2/2/18 FORMAL DINNER DANCE –San Jose Country Club