Students must be in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade in the 2014-2015 school year and are placed in classes with students from their school as well as students from other schools. You may request an invitation for friends by contacting the director at the e-mail address provided. Acceptance is on a first come, first served basis, with equal numbers of ladies and gentlemen in each class.

Best Foot Forward® — Sixth Grade

  • FIRST THINGS FIRST: Shaking hands/Introductions/Sitting and standing /Buffet Manners
  • THE “MAN” IN MANNERLY/LADIES FIRST? NOT SO FAST! Rising/Jackets/Doors/Seating /Primping/Excusing yourself
  • CORRESPONDENCE: Thank you notes/Email/Rsvps
  • THE SOCK HOP: Invitations/Rsvps/Party Manners/Dance etiquette/Buffets
  • DINING WITH GRACE: Place Settings/Table Manners/Mini-meal
  • MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE? Formal and Semi-formal occasions/Final Ball/Waltzing with Mom or dad

Social Survival Skills® —Seventh & Eighth Grade

  • NO BLUNDER BASICS: Manners in Public/Meeting and Greeting/First Impressions
  • SPORTS AND COUNTRY CLUB ETIQUETTE:  Golf clinic, sports etiquette, ordering from a menu.
  • INTERVIEWING: Interviewing Skills/Mock Interview/Dressing for Success/Following Up
  • THEATER EVENT:  Alhambra Theater/Manners in Public/Why they're important and how bad manners affect others/Dining Event
  • E-ETIQUETTE: Cell phones and texting/SocialNetworks/On Line Protocol/Privacy
  • FOREIGN and FANCY FOODS: Handling food that’s hard to eat/Ordering from a Menu/Tipping
  • WHAT'S ALL THIS STUFF ON THE TABLE? Formal Dining/Five Course Meal/Toasting/RSVPs
  • BEING THE BEST GUEST: Parties/Overnights/Being a Houseguest/Thank you notes
  • DINNER-DANCE: Putting it all together