Dressing for Class

The dress code is an important aspect of teaching students respect for each other, for their host/hostess and the shared values of our culture.

Ladies: Ladies should wear dresses or skirts of knee length or longer. Bare shoulders (sundresses, halter dresses, etc.) are acceptable but must be covered with a shrug, sweater or other wrap. Pants, gauchos, leggings,etc. are not appropriate. Ladies are encouraged to wear closed toe shoes suitable for dancing. Flip-flops and athletic shoes are not allowed. Short white gloves will be provided at the first class.

Gentlemen: Gentlemen should wear a dress shirt and tie, navy blazer and khaki or gray pants, belt, dark socks and dress shoes (no athletic shoes or flip-flops).

The End-of-the-Season Ball is semi-formal. Specific information will be provided closer to the time of the event.

Seventh-Eighth graders may be asked to dress appropriately for classes such as Sports Etiquette (golf), theater and the first class.  Information will be prior to classes.