We are looking forward to our twenty-forth cotillion season. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing those sweet, smiling faces.

Just wanted to express our sincere gratitude for all you have done for both of our boys in Cotillion. The skills and self-confidence you have taught them have been impressed in their lives forever. 

- MRS. E.

We have now had the privilege of three of our children taking your Cotillion classes – and it has been a wonderful experience for all of them! Our daughter enjoyed the classes and dressing up in her white gloves and beautiful dress for the spring dance and our two sons had fun with their friends while learning fine manners! Their self-confidence in social settings is a testimony to your graciousness and professional presentation through Cotillion – we thank you!

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the classes and dances that she participated in this year as a 6th grader. I am thrilled with everything that she learned from you and your program. You conducted yourself in a very gracious and professional manner and you set a beautiful example for the children.


[Our daughter] really did enjoy herself… and my husband had a wonderful time at the Father/Daughter part of the Spring Dance. Thank you so much for all you taught her, and I look forward to my daughter Lily being able to join your cotillion group in 2 years when she is in 6th grade. Please keep us on your mailing list for the future.

Mr. and Mrs. M.

If a 13th year boy who believes the only thing on the planet is sports looks forward to cotillion, then you are doing something right.


Thank you again, Kaye, for the inmeasurable social training my son received while attending Cotillion during his 6th grade year. The exposure to the correct “social” behavior has taught him so much! He has the confidence now to go anywhere and the proper way to dress and behave in any social setting — thank you!

-Katy Vega

Our son just graduated from high school, and I must say as we were preparing for all of the festivities and addressing the announcements one of the very first things he said to me was , “Be sure we order plenty of thank you notes – I want to be certain I personally write to everyone! It’s one of the most important things Mrs. Simonetta taught me!” It just goes to prove that the skills you have taught them really do make an impression and they carry those skills with them way beyond their cotillion years! Thank you!

- Mr. and Mrs. H.

I participated in Cotillion in both 6th and 7th grades. Now, in having the chance to look back on those classes, I can see how the training has helped me throughout middle and high school. I have attended several formal events in which it was important to use good manners. There is no question that I was more comfortable in those situations because of the instruction I received from you. I feel more confident when I know what to do. -Matthew, High School senior, former Cotillion student

...it’s not at just the formal events where the skills have helped out. Cotillion taught me the importance of showing respect to others through actions such as shaking hands upon meeting someone new or how to properly make an introduction. These are skills that I will use throughout my lifetime, both personally and professionally. -Matthew, High School senior, former Cotillion student

Learning in a group setting with my peers made it all that much more fun. The dances were a great way to apply what I had learned. Plus, they were a great time! -Matthew, High School senior, former Cotillion student

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