Parent Advisors

Parent Advisors perform a crucial role in the Cotillion Program. They assist with the invitation process, provide names of interested parents and most importantly are a sounding board for and source of new ideas and improvements to our programs.

Parent Advisors represent public, private and parachocial schools. Most are parents of current or former students and can speak first hand to the benefits of the Manners for Life program.

  • Jenean Bratton
  • Tamara Bogan
  • Carmel Buchanan
  • Andrea Butler
  • Michelle Clements
  • Suzanne Enoch
  • Sunny Hartigan
  • Sherry Hieb
  • Michelle Horning
  • Rosemary Jackson
  • Mindy Menzel
  • Leslie Morgan
  • Lynn Mullaney
  • Jeanne Orman
  • Kelly Ranney
  • Sheryl Roach
  • Kim Shaffer
  • Sandy Silverstein
  • Cathy Taylor
  • Erin Thomas
  • Judy Toth
  • Peggy Truss
  • Denise Wartan